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Mansar : The Discovery of Pravaresvara and Pravarapura Temple and Residence of the V¯ak¯at.aka King Pravarasena II

(2008) Bakker, Hans (ed.)

Proceedings of a Symposium at the British Museum London, 30 June – 1 July , 2008

Preface, Acknowledgements & Contents

Hans Bakker - Mansar. Pravarasena and his Capital: An Introduction
Martine Kropmall - The Seals and Inscriptions from Mall&lr
Michal Willis - Cosmetics and Goddesses: the Wellsted Collection at the British Museum
Claudine Bautze - Henddresses at Mansar
Peter Bisschop - The Skull on Siva's Head_ Some Reflections OIl a Theme in the Saiva Art of Mansar
Kaoru Nagata - The Problems in the Identifications of Gana-like Images from Mansar: Is it Siva or Gana?
Ellen Raven - Brick Terraces at Ahicchatra and Mansar: A Comparison
Natasja Bosma - The Mansar Sculptures & Ajanta
Walter Spink - Harisena's Unification of the Vakataka Dynasty: its implications for 'post-Vakataka' monuments
Hans Bakker - Mansar and its Eastern Neighbours: Mansar Architecture and the Temples in Nagara and Daksina Kosala
John Siudmak - Brief Note on a Sword Found at Mansar


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