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The Mansar Finds

Archaeological excavations near the village of Mansar (Maharashtra), 47km north of Nagpur and 5km west of the Rāmagiri (Ramtek), have brought to light an astonishing temple (Pravareśvara) and residential complex (Pravarapura) along with a collection of superb sculptures and other artefacts, which date to the first half of the 5th century CE when the Vākāţaka monarchs, Prabhāvatī Guptā and Pravarasena ruled the area. Altogether 5 sites have been excavated (MNS 1-5).

The British Museum Symposium (2008) and its Proceedings

In order to discuss these new discoveries, an international symposium was organized in the British Museum, 30 June – 1 July, 2008. It was attended by eighteen scholars from three continents. They contributed to a lively debate at the round table, and many of them read a paper; these, in revised and detailed form, are collected in the volume that is published here: Hans Bakker (ed.), Mansar: The Discovery of Pravareśvara and Pravarapura, Temple and Residence of the Vakataka King Pravarasena II.

Mansar proceedings

The articles in this e-book may be dowloaded, used and disseminated without restriction, provided that the source is given and the regular rules of intellectual property are observed. The photographs in them may be downloaded for personal use and for study purposes, but, if used in other publications, their source and origin should be acknowledged.

The Mansar Photographic Repository

In addition to the Proceedings and the documents given in public domain, this repository contains a large collection of photographs etc. of the Mansar sites. Copyright of the documents and photos in this collection rests at various authors, photographers and institutions. This part of the repository is therefore not in the public domain and can only be accessed through a password. Requests for access may be addressed to

Hans Bakker

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